Technological equipment

The company has a number of machines for the production of various products. Most of them are heavy duty latest technology for the wood industry and fully electronically controlled that require handling by specialized individuals.

H. H. Furnishings Ltd is confident that with large investments in continuous updates of the internal productivity chain it can further saturate the local market and remain a dominant player in the industry. The company successfully completed the upgrade strategy plan set a few years ago and it’s now operating at the renovated premises using latest technology machinery and updated internal administration

The enhancement of modern technology allows the company to produce products of high quality standards with efficiently low productive costs, giving the company a valuable competitive advantage. In addition, the company is able to observe the new trends of the market through the eyes of the younger personnel, while being able to easily adjust its offerings to serve various demographics.These investments enable the company to further plan ahead; as the dominant leader of superior quality, tailor-made products in the local woodworking industry..

Whatever the dimensions of a customer’s kitchen, Prima Kitchens cabinets fit perfectly. After all, rooms are rarely a standard, exact length, width or height so Prima Kitchens ability to make bespoke cabinets to precise dimensions eliminates awkward gaps or wasted corners. This means that every millimeter of space in a kitchen is put to good use, for an enjoyable relaxing cooking and living environment.

Production Process 

The production process initiates from the sales department. The client in
consultation with our interior designer decides on the final design of the
kitchen cabinet or any other structure.

Once the project is digitally finalized using specialized design software, the project is presented to the client. Upon approval, a contract is signed between the company and the client; further specifying the type of materials, the design aspects, time frames of completion and any other aspect related to the project at hand. The responsible technician prepares and forwards production forms to the production team. The production manager allocates responsibility and tasks to the various departments and proceeds with monitoring and controlling the production procedures involved.

The last step is the assembly and integration of the product that is made by the assembly department in collaboration with the quality control team. Having checked that the product complies with the order, then it’s ready for delivery    

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