Strategy & Philosophy

H. H. Furnishings aims

In offering the customer a unique customer experience and provide a custom-made, superior quality kitchen. The company’s philosophy is based on offering the customers the best quality and best service by using innovation and technology.

Employees are also an important part of the company. Highly skilled labor is employed in order to enhance the company into reaching its short and long term goals.

Prima kitchens tries to fulfill most of the customers’ desires and requirements by offering a complete range of kitchen designs to choose from and by providing the best quality and customer service..
The best quality is achieved through the selection of the best raw materials such as wood products and furniture fittings.

Prima Kitchens moves rapidly on a broad program to increase efficiency through modernization of operating procedures, the application of modern management methods, through the upgrading of information systems, and through the continuous education of its workforce.

Prima Kitchen’s mission is through its specialized staff and innovative technologies to compete in the market by offering the best quality custom made kitchen cabinet units.

The company always takes into account the market challenges and aims to the dynamic growth of its operations through further expansion of its products, continuously improving customer service, and by enhancing export orientation.

This is done through the excellent management of the sales department. The strategic vision of the company is to further establish its identity as one of the best quality kitchen and wardrobe manufacturer on the island as well as a valuable export partner.

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