Quality Control Procedures

The high quality standards set by the company, demand consistent attention throughout the various production processes. The Quality Control Department was formed with the sole responsibility of thoroughly applying the quality control tests to all products, prior to delivery.

Upon completion of any product (kitchen, cupboard or any other structure) the assembly team will set it up to its final form. This process is taking place in a particular part of the factory, exclusively dedicated to finished products; protecting them in this way from potential damages inside the factory unit.

The team will confirm if the product is in accordance with the plan agreed with the client, examine its condition by applying the tests and deciding whether the product is ready for delivery.

In case of a malfunction or even a single scratch the product is instantly repaired. The quality standards are strictly applied in order to meet highest quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Prima Kitchens runs a modern environment and quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 1400:2009.

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