kitchen ranges

Modern Kitchens

Prima kitchens PURE

Our kitchens represent the personalities of the people who use them. Individuality coupled with creativity, meticulous consistency, and the trustworthiness of a family business. Pleasure is not an afterthought for us; it goes hand in hand with efficiency. After all, true ideals are what matter most in life.

The Prima Kitchens PURE line is a minimalist and elegant kitchen
that blends function and design. The timeless character of this purist design world is described by clear contours without noticeable handles and buttons, as well as high-quality material combinations.

Contemporary Kitchens

Prima Kitchens URBAN

The Prima Kitchens URBAN line presents itself  in a relaxed, vibrant, and exceptional attitude. This design range is distinguished by its combination of open and closed storage space, classic and versatile solitaire furniture, and fine materials.

Traditional Kitchens

Prima Kitchens CLASSIC

Tradition meets modern

The CLASSIC collection inspires with a harmonious composition that skillfully combines
familiar and modern styles. This kitchen has an authentic look with a feel-good factor thanks to a variety of alluring details. This results in a balanced union of traditional and modern design thanks to revolutionary kitchen technology.

Bespoke Furniture & Service Room

Prima Kitchens Service Room

Smart housekeeping ideas

As the kitchen has opened up and become the heart of the house, the question of where to place all the stuff we use every day but don’t want anyone to see them.

Bespoke Furniture

The investment in high technology machines has not only improved its production quality but also allowed the company to manufacture, besides made-to-measure kitchens, bespoke furniture like wardrobes, bathroom furniture, doors and other household furniture.


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