Environmental Contribution

The company is fully compliant with all applicable Cypriot and EU environmental legislations. Due to the nature of the business, the company recognizes its duty towards the environment and constantly invests in new methods of preventing and managing pollution. Waste is kept at a minimum and it’s legitimately managed according to established permits.

The new fuel-efficient machines are equipped with various absorbers that reduce the emission of dust and the exhaust emissions of the forklifts. The machines are economical both in fuel & electricity.

The use of low-emission water-base lacquer systems contribute significantly to the reduction of emission. Another important advantage offered is the noise reduction at the workplace. The next generation
motors keep the noise output low despite the heavy-duty work done at high speeds.

Prima Kitchens takes into consideration all of the ever-changing lifestyle habits of the modern societies with primal objective to best reflect upon these needs. The company’s goal is to harmonize creativity and technology, conviviality and functionality through innovative space solutions that improve the quality of life.

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