Design Department

The fundamental responsibilities of the design department involve the creation of functional, innovative and up-to-date
products, while cautiously monitoring the market and the current trends.

Frequent visits to international exhibitions in countries abroad, further inspire the department to offer customer oriented solutions that best respond to the needs of modern living. All client orders are designed and presented in three-dimensional renderings, which enable realistic representation of the final outcome. This allows the company to reinsure that all customer requirements have been met to the fullest potential while enabling the customer to understand the possibilities of further optimisation.

As a result, the finished kitchen is a true reflection of an individual’s needs and personality.

It is not an easy task trying to match styles and trends with new furniture in an existing interior layout of a house, and that’s why the personal approach is essential. Particular angles, sizes, colour schemes and materials are what these customers desire, and Prima Kitchens always manages to respond to these demands. The growing number of customer referrals confirms the excellence in our team of experts, providing in this way another competitive advantage to the company.

Many customers are looking for tailor-made solutions and the team always makes sure that all ‘custom-made to measure’ projects are given the required attention. All Prima Kitchens are made to order, therefore all kitchens look different. Nonetheless, each one begins its life the same way – with a blank sheet of paper; the customer’s vision and the designer’s inspiration and talent.

Made To Measure Superior Quality Products

The last step is the assembly and integration of the product that is made by the assembly department in collaboration with the quality control team. Having checked that the product complies with the order, then it’s ready for delivery.

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