Blum Systems

H. H. Furnishings is the agent of Julius Blum GmbH in Cyprus for more than thirty five years. Blum is the leader in the furniture fittings industry. An Austrian company, which operates worldwide and specialises in manufacturing and distributing furniture fittings.

Box Systems

Various drawers systems with elegant box system in slim design with straight sides and a particularly high quality of motion. Tested metal box system, offers a multitude of design possibilities, and up to a maximum dynamic carrying capacity of 75 kg. The new LEGRABOX, is here, minimalistic and slim, features an elegant drawer side design combined with impressive advanced technology.

Hinge Systems

Hinge systems for all applicationsThe wide range of hinges offered by Blum makes it possible to find the perfect solution for almost every single overlay application, with integrated BLUMOTION.

Lift Systems

They fold, lift and swing up and over AVENTOS is Blum’s award-winning fitting system for bi-fold fronts and high or large fronts. The system provides endless possibilities in planning and design with little installation effort.  

Further Products

Organization at its best with small accessories for a big impactOur practical ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories make kitchen chores easier and organize interiors. Spice, knife and plate holders and the film and foil dispenser ensure that everything is exactly where it should be.

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